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Aligot Fail!

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Mar 22, 2016

I’ve never been to Southern France but I’ve heard good things about Aligot.. It’s basically French mashed potatoes. It’s incredibly cheesy with a consistency like fondu – super stringy.

So I decided to try it. Apparently super easy to make but somehow, I screwed it up. The end result still tasted AMAZING, but didn’t have the stringy consistency that the French love. I used Lancashire cheese (thanks Google) but despite my search for a similar cheese to Cantal.. it’s not the greatest (tastes good though)

So here are  few tips I learned along the way.. and what you should NOT do.

  1. FOOD PROCESSOR IS BEST! (I dont have one)
  2. Cheese is important! Aligot is usually made with Cantal cheese but it’s especially hard to find in North America – here are some others to use: Gruyere, Mozzarelle & Gruyere together, Tomme d’Auvergne
  3. If possible (it will make it a bit heavier) add CREAM. Even just a little.

Still confused? check out this video:

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