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This easy no bake banana split dessert recipe is made with already made grocery store ingredients! Takes about 10 minutes to make.

What you’ll need to buy is an already baked cake (I found an angel cake), banana pudding, chocolate sauce, icing (or whipped cream) and of course.. ICE CREAM.

Start by cutting the cake into 3 pieces. On top of the lowest layer, cover that baby with chocolate sauce! As much as you want!

Put the second layer on top.. Cover THAT with banana pudding.

Finally, put on the top layer. I used whipped cream, buy you can use icing, which might spread easier than whipped cream.

Refrigerate for an hour. Then EAT!

Banana Split Cake!


  • angel bunt cake sliced in three layers
  • chocolate sauce
  • banana pudding
  • whipped cream (or icing)


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