The Hungry Elephant

Patriotic Ice Cream Sandwich


  • cookie dough
  • blue and red food colouring
  • ice cream


Mmmmmm. This red, white and blue dessert is great for the 4th of July! Making this DIY 4th of July/America ice cream sandwich is SUPER easy!

What you’ll need is a package of cookie dough and the ingredients needed for that, ice cream and food colouring!

First, make the dough. Follow the instructions on the side of the package. Then separate into two bowls.

Add red food colouring to one bowl and blue in the other. Mix!

Bake the cookies!

Let them COOL down.

Once they are cool, take a hunk of ice cream and put it on top of a cookie. smush another one on top, and smooth the sides with a spoon.

Wrap in seran wrap and freeze!

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