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There is no shortage of great food in Hamilton, Ontario. With a bustling art scene and growing food truck craze, there’s no doubt some creative cooks have opened up shop both downtown and on the mountain.

All these places (listed below) are great for not only their food but their overall vibe. I’ve yet to encounter bad service from any of these restaurants and their food has made me come back multiple times.

Some may critique my list, of course, but this is just my own opinion. I’ve avoided using provincial or national chains (like The Works, which omg.. everyday all day amirite?)

These restaurants are as ‘Hamilton’ as you can get, and it’s glorious..

The Coop Wicked Chicken



Located on King St, near Hess, this restaurant prides themselves in their CHICKEN. And they should. It’s beyond delicious and the staff couldn’t be more helpful. I highly recommend the deep fried devilled eggs and their crispy chicken cobb salad.

Black Sheep Snack Bar

One of my go-to’s when I’m not feeling a full meal. This Ottawa Street bar changes up a few items on their menu frequently, but always leaves a few of their classics. The sizes and prices are small but add up quickly because it’s just too darn delicious and you want to order more. Lollipop jerk chicken, the tiny tuna taco and seared mushroom jumble are my FAVOURITES.

Photo: Radius Cafe

Photo: Radius Cafe


Nom nom – I’m already hungry. The Radius cafe is probably on everyones list. I can’t say I’ve ever had a bad meal there. The only downside – they change their menu often, so the waffle breakfast sandwich I loved is no more :(.. however their charcuterie board and burgers are YUM. If you’re going for lunch, you won’t be disappointed if you order the Mac’n’Cheese. My favourite.


Rapscallion is kind of like Black Sheep – but a bit more expensive. This is good for a special date night. It’s located at on John near Augusta (a bit south). The lamb is to DIE for.

Photo: Naroma Pizza Bar

Photo: Naroma Pizza Bar

and finally.. Naroma

This is a Locke Street GEM. The pizza is one of the best I’ve ever had and it’s not too expensive either. It fills up fast though, especially during the summer. It’s great because you can order a medium (square) sized pizza with two completely different toppings. It’s great to share. Brie & prosciutto is ugh.. DROOL.

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