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The sequel to the ever-trending sushi and the ‘go-to’ shops. In Hawaii, poke is just about everywhere, from grocery stores to gas stations to restaurants.. Now the popular bowl is making it’s

Photo: Instagram//@pokehbar

Photo: Instagram//@pokehbar

descent into Canada, with multiple storefronts opening up in Toronto and Vancouver.

The bowls are often made up of rice and marinated raw tuna (or salmon) mixed into a free-form salad.

The toppings truly depend on wherever you go. In Hamilton, Ontario, PokehBar has more modern toppings like avocado, cucumber, onions, and a variety of nuts. Meanwhile, in Toronto, Poke Guys has traditional Poke toppings like shoyu, masago, edamame & kimchi. (Both places are equally delicious by the way – highly recommend)

Either way, if you like sushi – you’ll definitely be a fan of poke.

*cover photo: instagram//@pokeguysto
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