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A great breakfast and brunch place is always hard to come by. People always have their staples, including me. I could eat Whimpy’s Southern Benedict all day. But a sign of a truly fantastic breakfast restaurant is one that has other options than just your usual eggs, homefries and side of meat.

So here are a few of my favourite spots for a late weekend breakfast.


Instagram//Aberdeen Tavern

Aberdeen Tavern

Yup – you guessed it, it’s on Aberdeen near Dundurn. I have to admit, I think this is one of my favourites. Be warned, they only have ‘brunch’ on the weekends – so no brekky options during the week. Their brunch menu is fantastic though. Highly recommend the Tostada Rancheros or the brie & avocado melt.

Jet Cafe

This comes in a close second. There are two locations downtown – but the Main St. location is currently under renovations after an electrical fire. Their King Street location continues to operate. Great staff & service. Their pierogi big breakfast = an amazingly delicious heart attack on a plate.

Gage Park Diner

Photo: Facebook/Gage Park Diner

Photo: Facebook/Gage Park Diner

I just tried this one the other day actually. It’s a small, family run business.

The older gentleman who served us was great, super nice and friendly. Despite the fact that their menu states that some breakfast items are only served until noon – sometimes you can get away with ordering it later. Breakfast poutine (and their pierogi poutine) is highly recommended.

and a notable mention:


Ok – I haven’t actually tried this place yet. It’s located on Concession and I’ve heard nothing but great reviews. Whenever I’ve asked around for good places to eat, this is one that pops up the most.

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