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You may recognize her – she’s the face of morning TV. Dina Pugliese shines with her energetic and ‘punny’ attitude on Breakfast Television every morning. dina-appleShe’s a self-professed foodie and has taken the world by storm. Lucky us, we got to chat with her about what is on her daily menu.

Name: Dina Pugliese

Location: The T Dot

Tell us about yourself: I love food. Even my 4am breakfast that fuels me for work on Breakfast Television in Toronto, er, The T Dot, er, The Six. It’s like P Diddy. It keeps changing…

Cooking or takeout: Please don’t make me choose. Both are necessities, but I mostly cook.

Your go-to snack: Organic old school (stove top) popcorn with olive oil, Himalayan sea salt, nutritional yeast and chili flakes. My husband and I literally eat bowls and bowls of the stuff every week.

Sweet or salty: Yes. Lol! Again. Please don’t make me choose. Depends on the day. Sometimes it’s both all at once. But mostly salty with something sweet at the end of the meal to finish it off proper.

Favourite cheat meal or indulgence: My Serbian mother-in-law makes this amazing cheese phyllo called Burek. It’s so good. So are my mom’s ricotta stuffed cannolis.


Enjoying granita in Italy. Photo: Dina Pugliese

Well, anything my parents make for that matter. I always say they could teach most chefs a thing or two.


Ideal dinner (if you could have ANYTHING): Fresh grilled whole fish. Grilled vegetables and a nice green salad. The more simple and clean the better. Little garlic, parsley, EVOO and salt.

Something you haven’t tried yet: We have pretty adventurous palettes and enjoy foods from all over the world.  Ethiopian, Korean, Indian, Japanese….love it all. But because we mostly eat veg and fish it means there are plenty of dishes on those menus we never sample. But that’s ok…we are doing our part to eat healthy and choose that lifestyle for ethical and environmental reasons :).


Terroni! Photo: Dina Pugliese

Favourite restaurant: Terroni. Can’t go wrong. Unless you ask for multiple refills of their freshly baked bread baskets as we tend to do. We are total gluttons.

Road trip snacks: My homemade trail mix. Almonds. Pumpkin seeds. Goji berries. Coconut flakes. Walnuts. Satiating and healthy and good for stamina on a long road trip.

Work lunch: Whatever the chef leaves behind from the show that day. Yes. We certainly do eat the food! Perk of the job!

Best place to travel for food: Now this one is easy. Italia! Especially the coast. Fresh caught seafood and locally grown fruit and veg and cheese. Nothing beats it.

Worst thing you’ve eaten: Oysters. Can’t get into it. Can’t figure out the appeal. I don’t get it. It’s like “Don’t chew. Don’t smell it. Just slurp it back.”  When the gross out factor is that easy….just no. lol! I’ve tried them a few times. Can’t get over the slimy texture.

Best thing you’ve eatenSea salt crusted whole sea bass in Italy. Fresh caught that day. Tender and moist.

Pro-Cilantro or No Cilantro: Love love love cilantro. I have it my vegetable crisper as a staple along with basil and parsley.

Finally, favourite snack for binge-watching: I start with popcorn. Then move onto a vegan tiramisu we are hooked on. Then sliced fruit. And some medjool dates. Little savoury. End with something sweet. 🙂

Thanks for chatting with us Dina!

If you want to follow the host of Canada’s #1 morning show.. she’s on Twitter & Instagam!

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