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It’s almost that time of the year, Thanksgiving.. Halloween, Christmas… Fall, NEW YEARS!. The best times to hold dinner parties, invite family over or surprise your other half.

If you’re looking for something to cook to impress your guests, better start with a good appetizer! It will leave their mouths watering for more, but also set their expectations for dinner.

For a small party, it’s best to go with something a little light, so you don’t fill your guests up before dinner. If you have a larger party, that’s when you can do a bit more heavier appetizers as there’s more to go around.

Here are some of my TOP 5 appetizers that left my guests begging for the recipe:

(v=vegetarian, gf=gluten free)

1.  Coconut Onion Rings

These now take the top spot in my favourite appetizers. They are SO good. I cant even describe how well onion and coconut go together. It’s not overly powerful taste of either. It’s just the right mix.

2. Caramelized Onion Dip (gf)

Super easy, takes about 15 minutes to make. This one is really great to mix ahead of time and refrigerate until needed. Guests coming over in 15? Pop it in the oven!

3. Jalapeno Popper Bombs (v)

A little tedious, but worth it. They are like jalapeno poppers but in a puff pastry dough. Very yummy.

4. Hashbrown Nachos (v optional)

A spin on traditional nachos.. but without the hassle of breaking your chips. Instead I used potato hashbrowns. This can be vegetarian, depending on whatever toppings you like.

5. Crab Dip Pinwheels

Puff pastry stuffed with crab dip and rolled into a pinwheel. Can’t get much better than that. It’s been a favourite of my guests.

6. Stuffed Mushroom Caps (v)

Spinach, stuffing and a mushroom cap. YUM. Honestly, I think this is probably one of the best ones I’ve made. Super delicious.

7. Chicken Pot Pie Bites

Mini versions of pot pie. How can your guests resist? Warm up with these delicious treats.

8. Spinach Bites

Love spinach dip but don’t want to binge TOO much? Just make these spinach bites! however I warn you, you will eat many.

And there you have it. 5 Delicious appetizers that will have your guests begging to come back!

Enjoy 🙂

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