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You may know his voice, Adam Wylde is the man behind Kiss 92.5 in Toronto from 3-7 Monday to Friday. He’s interviewed a number of a-listers including Demi Lovato! Adam opened up to the Hungry Elephant about some of his favourite foods!

Name: Adam Wylde

Location: Toronto… and my couch/bed

Tell us about yourself: I’m a fanatical hockey fan (really any sport fan), who thankfully has a very patient fiance who doesn’t mind. I also love Star Wars and actually wanted to be Luke Skywalker when I grew up… still working on it. Other than that I’m 28, engaged, have a very active work life & a very small, but really awesome social life. I work in radio and television, which is something I always dreamt of and even though the hours are long, I never get tired of it


Adam & Demi Lovato. Photo: Instagram//Adam Wylde

Cooking or takeout: TAKE. OUT. My cooking is marginal at best. I can make a killer breakfast, and roast anything on a BBQ, but the reality is I really don’t get the same enjoyment out of cooking that others get. There’s a sense of satisfaction that people have in creating a meal that I’ve never felt – my satisfaction is killing the hunger pangs in my belly. I’m a seriously big eater

Plus, takeout gives you the chance to eat something completely different to what you’re used to. I like how much choice we have in Toronto.

Your go-to snack: Peanut butter on toast. But the natural, no sugar added peanut butter… Not because I’m super healthy, I just want it to actually taste like peanuts!

Sweet or salty: Sweet. Specifically chocolate. I can’t buy cookies. They won’t last.

Favourite cheat meal or indulgence: I LOVE Thai food. Not just Pad Thai (which I’m almost certain must be completely North Americanize’d at this point), but all the curries and soups. Spicy food is the BEST food. It’s good for you, and lets be honest… it cleans some of the cold dark places of your body that regular food doesn’t quite get to 😉

…I also love a good burger. And not your normal McDonalds. Bison with peameal, a fried egg, avocado, onions, mushrooms, hot sauce, spiced cheese… decadent, delicious, take two weeks off your lifespan stuff.

Ideal dinner (if you could have ANYTHING): Evidently there’s a $500 Kobe Beef burger in Japan… it has gold flakes or something on it. I’d like to try that. I bet it wouldn’t live up to the hype… but I’d still like to have the obnoxious story to tell my friends!

Something you haven’t tried yet: Allegator! My Dad and Stepmom live in Florida half the year, and it’s not really strange down there to see it on a menu. For some reason, I’ve never tried it. Now that they have reportedly taken gators off the endangered species list down there, I’d like to try it!


Adam & fiancee Caprice. Photo: Instagram//Adam Wylde

Favourite restaurant: This one is tough… My fiance and I rarely go back to any of the ones we’ve gone to previously. And that’s not because we don’t get great service, or the food isn’t fantastic – she’s just a REAL foodie who always wants to try new restaurants.

If I had to pick one, it would be 416 Snack Bar on Spadina. It’s tapas, which can turn people off, but it’s like that because you want to try everything on the menu and you ABSOLUTELY NEED TO TRY EVERYTHING ON THE MENU. It’s that good.

Road trip snacks: Ha… we’re boring. Apples, carrots, and my fiance (who again, is really into food) will make oatmeal mixed with all kinds of chia seeds, and fruit, and honey etc etc etc. The result is a purple sludge that looks like factory waste, but it always tastes SO GOOD, especially with cut up bananas.

Work lunch: I forgot to mention above – I’m a bit of a crockpot fiend. I like to make one thing, and eat it all week because honestly I’m too busy to worry about it and I love takeout so much, I’d blow my budget ordering food every day. Barely stew, lumberjack stew… any kind of stew imaginable. Last week I made a cabbage roll stew that consisted of 6 total ingredients, and it was awesome. I go for healthy as much as possible, to balance out the weekends when I fall off the rails.

Best place to travel for food: I haven’t seen enough of the world, but the two places where food blew me away were Italy and France. There is something about a tomato grown in Italy – I know that sounds stereotypical – but ask anyone who has eaten a pasta in Italy and they’ll tell you the same thing. It’s the only place where something that tastes that good is possible. You can’t replicate it. I haven’t been to Italy since I was 10 years old, and I haven’t forgotten.

And France wins for desert. Anything you can imagine, they make. And they make it better than anywhere I’ve seen.


Photo: Instagram//Adam Wylde

Worst thing you’ve eaten: I had a very stale bagel last week. I LOVE bagels, never eat them though because they’re not exactly healthy. I think I was just disappointed… it was from a huge chain, who aren’t exactly known for their food but this was REALLY bad. Next time, I’m going to a Jewish bakery and I’m getting the real thing. The calories are worth it.

Best thing you’ve eaten: Family recipe ribs. They aren’t done on the BBQ, we bake them in the oven in a sauce that is a family recipe. It’s a sort of sweet/sour/garlic flavour and they come out fall off the bone. Literally, there’s so much sauce and they’re so juicy that you can’t pick them up with your fingers – you have to eat them with a knife and fork. THE BEST. Never revealing how we make them though 😉

Pro-Cilantro or No Cilantro: NO CILANTRO. How do people eat that stuff?

Finally, favourite snack for binge-watching: Popcorn, peanut butter toast, bowl of cheerios.. in that order. Sometimes, on the same night. Listen, people can look hot on instagram and that’s good for them, but I’ll sacrifice abs for a little Netflix and fill. When you’re constantly going, constantly working, constantly darting from place to place to place like I am – you need to power down. It took me awhile to not feel guilty about that. Now, it’s the thing I most look forward to!

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