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I’ve been doing this blog for roughly a year now and I figured – it was time for you guys to know the girl behind the keyboard!

Name: Kalie1399226_10201741037161471_1112581325_o

Location: Hamilton, ON (aka The Hammer, Hammertown, Steel Town, Steel City)

Tell us about yourself: News writer by early, early mornings and food blogger by afternoons! I went to school for broadcasting and film most of my food excursions to post on The Hungry Elephant’s youtube channel. Subscribe!

Cooking or takeout: I prefer cooking (obviously, as a food blogger) but I’d say its half and half. I like to try different restaurants around my city, especially when I’m too tired to cook.

Your go-to snack: I’m really into snap pea crisps and tzatziki right now.

Sweet or salty: Definitely salty. I can’t do sweet at all. It makes my head tingle.. is that suppose to happen? Probably not.

Favourite cheat meal or indulgence: A good hamburger.. The Works preferably. If it’s homemade, probably something deep fried.. like my deep fried crab dip

Ideal dinner (if you could have ANYTHING): Hmmmmmm… I think I’d like a lobster dinner.. not much of a seafood fan but I think I’d really like lobster (and not from Red Lobster, I’m talking about homemade)mac-and-cheese

Something you haven’t tried yet: Everything outside the basic meat’s… I’ve had beef, pork, chicken, lamb etc.. but nothing crazy like alligator or kangaroo.

Favourite restaurant: This is a tough one and I’m not entirely sure I can even answer! Hmmm. I did enjoy The Mule in downtown Hamilton. Oh, also this really great jacket potato place that was in the West Quay Mall in Southampton, England. I used to eat there SO MUCH when I lived in there.

Road trip snacks: A coffee or Ice Cap from Tim Hortons, maybe some nuts, chips, cookies.

Work lunch: Almost always there is some cut up strawberries, sometimes a tomato and cucumber salad, croissant, snap peas & dip, crackers with hummus and you can definitely count a Tim Hortons coffee.

Best place to travel for food: Ok – haven’t been many places so far other than Cali, England & a few other areas. I think I’d like to try authentic Italian food though, I hear it’s something that is completely different from its North-Americanized version.

Worst thing you’ve eaten: Cilantro. HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT.pepper

Best thing you’ve eaten: The mac and cheese at Radius Cafe in downtown Hamilton.

Pro-Cilantro or No Cilantro: Hellllll no to cilantro. Hate it.

Finally, favourite snack for binge-watching: I don’t do many ‘snacks’. If I do, I’d probably deep fry something unhealthy.. but when I binge watch I like to start off with a full meal to tide me over until the next dinner or lunch etc.


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