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Looking for some of those PERFECT gluten-free and vegan recipes? Well there’s a blog for that! Talia Ricci taliahas JUST launched Wild Bella Life and let’s just say her food looks DELICIOUS. Highly recommend checking it out if you’re vegan or Celiac. Talia took the time to chat with us about some of her favourites.

Name: Talia Ricci

Location: Winnipeg, MB

Tell us about yourself: I’m from the Toronto area originally but have been adventuring in the prairies the last two years for work. I’m a TV reporter by day with a passion for creating recipes and documenting life’s lovely moments. My blog is all vegan and gluten free. I like to take a whole foods, healthy mind approach to eating and cooking. I’m currently training to become a culinary nutrition expert through the Academy of Culinary Nutrition. My blog is a very new venture but so far I love it! I especially love making the food look pretty for photos.

Cooking or takeout: I try to cook far more often than I get take out, but I can’t say no to the odd cozy night in Thai delivery.

Your go-to snack: Veggies & hummus, banana & natural peanut butter

Sweet or salty: I blame my sweet tooth on my parents depriving me of sugar when I was little.

talia-curry-powderFavourite cheat meal or indulgence: My diet is plant based and mostly vegan, but my cheat meal is definitely a large pizza. I could eat it all to myself and in probably 5 minutes. No joke. But I usually have to share with my boyfriend. This is probably ingrained in me because I’m Italian.

Ideal dinner (if you could have ANYTHING): Flying back to India and eating at an Indian wedding. That was my most joyous food experience. I love curry and everything extra extra spicy. The servers kept coming back to me to finish off the tray. They thought it was hilarious that I wouldn’t stop mowing down!

Something you haven’t tried yet: Hmm this is tough because I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to food. There are probably a lot of meat products I haven’t tried because I’ve been vegetarian for over 10 years. But I would love to explore more root vegetables; there are always ones I hear of that are new to me!

Favourite restaurant: In Winnipeg it’s Deer and Almond. In Toronto it’s Hibiscus and Salad King.

Road trip snacks: Lara Bars and mixed nutstalia-chip-dip

Work lunch: Whatever I made a big batch of that week like a veggie stew, homemade hummus and veggies, a banana and an avocado sliced with lemon and pepper.

Best place to travel for food: I already talked about how much I love India so I’ll pick a different place. I loved everything I ate in Turkey. There were so many vegetarian options and the foods were such a wonderful melody of flavours from different regions. Falafel for days.

Worst thing you’ve eaten: Iceland, I love you for your landscapes but I ate a lot of terrible vegetarian dishes there. It’s not their fault they’re so secluded…how do they even get fresh veggies over there!

Best thing you’ve eaten: One thing that will always resonate with me is this veggie burger I ate at the Tundra Pub in Churchill, Manitoba. That’s very far north. I was just so pleasantly surprised that they had so many awesome vegetarian options in a pub in northern Canada. That, and my nonna’s canaloni is worth a mention.

Pro-Cilantro or No Cilantro: You know what, I might be an anomaly, I actually am so-so on cilantro. I don’t love it or hate it. I just accept it.

Finally, favourite snack for binge-watching: I love plain popcorn with curry powder!

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