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Looking to add some seriously cool gadgets to your kitchen? We took a gander around the internets to find some of the handiest (and cutest) tools around.

  1.  The Orange Fun Spiral Slicer ($2 on ebay!)
  2. The Astronaut Tea Infuser ($5 on Amazon!)astronaut-tea-steeper
  3. ‘I Could Eat a Horse’ Pasta Measurer ($10 on Amazon!)
  4. The Bolo Rolling Knife! ($20 on
  5. Nessie Ladles! ($10 on Amazon!)
  6. Ferry Silicone Steam Lid ($15 on Amazon)ferry-lid
  7. The Self Stirring Mug! ($10 at Bed, Bath and Beyond)selt-stirring-mug
  8. Sushi Roller! ($10 at
  9. Olive oil bottle & brush! ($2 on ebay!)olive-oil
  10. Slicer Tongs! ($3 on

What are your favourite kitchen tools? Tell us below!


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