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Today’s Feature Foodie is a special one. The ladies behind Crave Life balance full time jobs, kids, life and blogging! They are all about living a happy and healthy life. The two are practically experts at making a delicious dish – most of which are vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free!

Name:   Nicole & Valerie!crave-2


N: Hamilton, Ontario

V: Streetsville, Ontario

Tell us about yourself:

N: Desk jockey/Paper pusher by day; experimental baker, blogger, movie watcher, music lover, and Yoga teacher by night/weekends.  I have three kids that have grown into exceptional humans.  I have a husband who likes to take stuff apart and sometimes put them back together and we have a rescue cat named Mr. Bates and a golden retriever from Turkey, named Topanga (Boy meets World ref)

V: Foodie, vegetarian, music/nature lover, hiker, biker, xc skier, adventurer..Passion for food began in my early teens which lead to university degree in Nutrition..becoming a registered dietitian and business owner of Personal Best Nutrition Consulting..for more than 2 decades! My passion is blending the healing quality of plants with science and how the two can improve ones vital energy, and health throughout the lifespan. Nicole is my beautiful friend and uber sister in law. We  collaborate and share our unique perspectives on health, fitness and food with anyone that wants to learn in a fun and lighthearted way.

crave-ginger-molasses-cookiesCooking or takeout:

N: Mood dependent.

V: Cooking!

Your go-to snack:

N: Toast and peanut butter

V: Raw nuts, and fresh fruit.

Sweet or salty:

N: Probably sweet, although not too sweet, but again, mood dependent

V: Salty!

Favourite cheat meal or indulgence:

N: Go to Green Bar on James N and pick up chilli or a green rabbit bowl…delish.

V: Pure, dark cacao with espresso or red wine.

Favourite/Go-To meal to cook:

N: Pasta and veggies or a rice bowl.crave-pear-clafoutis

V: One dish meals, usually vegetarian chili

Ideal dinner (if you could have ANYTHING):

N: ohh…anything?  I love fresh rolls from Pho Dau Bo and their Pad Thai.

V: Thai, anything with ginger, mango, chilli, garlic, lemongrass, Thai basil…vegetarian Thai Red curries..

Something you haven’t tried yet:

N: Haven’t been to FSH and CHP in Hamilton. Really want to give them a try.

V: Not sure what I haven’t tried!…lol

Favourite restaurant:

N: My heart belongs to Bar on Locke, but I love the new places that are popping up here.

V: Live food Bar in Toronto!

Road trip snacks:

N: Trail mix, oranges…ok…more like plain chips and M&Ms

V: Veggie wraps, fruit, nuts, raw chocolate balls, kale chips, veggies and hummus

Work lunch:

N: Soup or a sandwich…occasionally will go to get a salad from Longos

V: Buddha bowls with quinoa, tempeh, sweet potato, black beans, mushrooms, kale, avocado, Tamari and fresh lemon

Best place to tracrave-somethingvel for food:

N: I’ve heard it is Paris but have never been.  Best place I have been was probably NYC.

V: West coast of BC!! Tofino-SoBo (Sophisticated Bohemian), Nourish Cafe-Victoria, BC

Worst thing you’ve eaten:

N: caviar … not a fan

Best thing you’ve eaten:

N: This is a very difficult one.  Over the last year, I would say two things came to mind.  One was a squash taco from Mezcal (in Hamilton) and the other is the veggie burger from The Ship (also in Hamilton)

Pro-Cilantro or No Cilantro:

N: More Cilantro

Finally, favourite snack for binge-watching:

N: Been eating Plantain chips lately…but there is always nachos that are an old fave.

V: Pine cone pesto-heavy on the pine!🌲

If you want to follow along on their journey, you can head to their website, facebook, instagram or twitter!

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