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It’s time to celebrate curvey women and our ‘Feature Foodie’ is doing just that. Curves and Cravings Siddeeqah blogs and vlogs plus size fashion, gives fashion tips and advice on how to look your best! She took the time to sit down and answer some foodie questions!

Name: Siddeeqah Shaikh

Location: Scarborough

Tell us about yourself: I’m a curvy, modest woman with a craving for great clothes and delicious food. You can find me blogging about plus size fashion inspiration and body positivity. That includes enjoying the indulgence of amazing tasting foods.

Cooking or takeout: I do love take out now and then, but take pride in my cooking. I love to cook. I usually take a recipe and experiment with it to create a unique flavour reminiscent of Indian and Cape Malay fusion. I’m originally from Cape Town, South Africa which means my cooking is influenced by the tastes of my childhood.

Your go-to snack: Peanut Butter M&Ms…well pretty much anything that has chocolate and peanut butter. It can make almost anything taste decadent and delicious!

Sweet or salty: I definitely have a sweet tooth and always make a bee-line for anything that can indulge those cravings. I mean, my go to snack is peanut butter M&Ms. What more can I say?

Favourite cheat meal or indulgence: burgers and fries in Canada, and a gatsby if I’m in South Africa. It’s almost like a gigantic sub sandwich but so much better. It’s usually split among a few people and is the go-to take out food for Capetonians.

Ideal dinner (if you could have ANYTHING): Oh man! This ones hard. I don’t have just one ideal lol. I do love pasta, so I’ll go with lasagna with a fresh salad and some garlic bread! Carb overload, I know, but who can resist mouth watering layered dish like lasagna.

Something you haven’t tried yet: I really want to try chicken and waffles, because it still confounds me. I need to understand the fascination with fried chicken on a waffle glazed in maple syrup. I love mixing sweet and savoury, but this dish still sounds so interesting to me.

Favourite restaurant: Currently, it’s Sukho Thai. I had pad thai for the first time in my entire life, this year. I wanted to try something new and for me, that was Thai food. I’m not usually a fan of Asian style food, but kept wanting to try Pad Thai. I had a sense of anxiety when I ordered it, not knowing what to expect (I know, I know, my food experience is very limited). That quickly dissipated as soon as I took my first bite! Sweet, savoury, with just enough heat; it was delectable! Now I’m hooked, as Sukho Thai is one of the only Halal certified thai restaurants in the area.

Road trip snacks: Coffee, trail mix, chips and/or chocolate and some fruit. I always bring more than we need so that we have options.

Work lunch: Leftovers from the night before’s dinner. That usually consists of rice and some type of curry; pizza; or burgers. Very rarely, I’ll make sandwiches if we had take out the night before.

Best place to travel for food: I’m going to be very biased as I’m originally from Cape Town. I adore the food scene in Cape Town. Not only are most major chain Halal certified, the blend of Cape Malay, Indian, Dutch, French, English influence means you are assured to find something you’ll enjoy. If you have the chance, you have to go to Fish on the Rocks, which serves the freshest fish and chips you will eat!

Worst thing you’ve eaten: An Indian dish called paya, which is pretty much bone curry. The bones of meat are cooked all day and the spices are added. I tried it once, and couldn’t get past the gelatinous consistency of the marrow in the stew.

Best thing you’ve eaten: Oooohhh, that’s a tough one! There’s so many different dishes that I love, I really can’t decide! Highlights include the steak pie my mom makes, biryani my in-laws make, gatsbies and fish and chips from Cape Town etc etc.

Pro-Cilantro or No Cilantro: I love Cilantro. It’s a staple in Indian cuisine so how could I not love this fresh little herb.

Finally, favourite snack for binge-watching: Ketchup flavoured popcorn, frozen grapes and peanut butter M&Ms. I need a little salty and a little sweet when binge-watching.

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