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Christmas is this weekend so I’ve decided to publish a recipe earlier in the week. Hope you all enjoy and have a happy holiday!

Looking for a delicious Christmas cookie? I made these SUPER yummy shortbread cookies that will amaze your guests.. They don’t even taste low carb!

For this recipe, I altered one from King Arthur flour to make them low carb. Here is the original recipe:

What you’ll need:

3 tbsp room temperature butter
3 tbsp confectioners sugar substitute (I used Swerve)
1 cup almond flour
1 tbsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp salt (omit if you use salted butter)

With a hand mixer, whip up your butter until its nice and smooth.. add in your sugar substitute, salt and vanilla – mix thoroughly.

Slowly whip while adding in the almond flour. It will eventually form a nice big lump of dough.

Roll out the dough and cut into shapes.. bake at 350 until golden brown.. roughly 5-10 minutes. keep an eye on it otherwise they burn easily.


NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: (per cookie.. This recipe makes roughly 20 cookies.)

CALS: 53
FAT: 5.1
CARBS: 1.2
FIBRE: 0.6

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