Dealing with Hot Pepper Burns

by hungryelephant

So, you’ve just cut up some chilli peppers to throw in the crockpot and you get an itch on your cheek, eye or nose. You scratch, but immediately feel the power of a thousand suns burning your face off. (slight exaggeration) It burns BAD. You put some cold water on it but it just gets worse. Tpexels-photo-128245-1he area starts to turn red and you feel like it may leave a mark.

Stop. Grab a piece of bread & a small glass of milk. (If the burn is in the eye, use paper towel or makeup wipe sponge) Dip the bread into the milk and put it on your burn. Keep doing this for at least 20 minutes. Once it stars to burn again, dip in milk and repeat. You can also use yogurt.

Whatever you do, water is NOT the solution. It will only spread the oils around and make it burn more. So avoid that at all costs – remember, oil and water do not mix.

The reason why dairy works so well is that it neutralizes the acid from the pepper.

If you want to avoid this all together – wear gloves.

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