1 (really 4) year anniversary!

by hungryelephant

We’re celebrating today! It’s been exactly one year since I published my FIRST recipe here on The Hungry Elephant. (Although, technically it’s been 4 years, since I was ‘Glazed and Confused’ before rebranding.)

Over the last year, I’ve learned a TON. I learned more about food photography and natural light, I taught myself SEO to bring in new visitors, and I’ve started ‘Feature Foodie’ that has had some pretty great guests! PLUS we have an APP!

It’s been a blast. In that time, The Hungry Elephant has grown to over 3 thousand followers on Facebook, over 500 on Instagram, over 100 on Twitter (Let’s be honest, I slack with Twitter) and a number of subscribers on Youtube. We can’t wait to see what is in store for next year.

Our Plans for 2017

  • More high-profile guests for “Feature Foodie”
  • Expand social media presence + tweet more
  • Shoot our youtube videos on TWO cameras
  • Release more new recipes a week!
  • Up our daily youtube views

Long Term Goals

  • Cookbook!
  • Reach 1000 subscribers on Youtube
  • Do some giveaways!

Thanks everyone who has followed, liked, watched my recipes and downloaded my app. Mucho appreciated!

Comments and critiques are always welcome!


Our App!

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