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The ketogenic diet is a controversial one. Because we consume so much fat, it’s widely believed that it will eventually lead to heart disease, obesity, diabetes and more. Even some doctors will be adamant and advise their patients to NOT do keto, but evidence is slowly coming out that carbs and sugar are only adding to our health problems.

In addition to the list of articles below, you should check out the Netflix documentary “The Magic Pill”

Carb intake, not saturated fat associated with heart disease –

Effect of low-calorie versus low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet in type 2 diabetes – NCBI

Sugar Was Linked to Heart Disease 50 years ago – Lifehacker/U of Cali

Low Carb Eating May Be Best for Weight Loss/Heart Health – Cleveland Clinic

Low Carb vs. Low Fat – Plos One

Long Term Keto – NCBI

More articles will be added in the future!

With over 20k ‘likes’ on facebook – I reached out to my followers to see how keto has affected them!

I don’t feel like I am dying everyday and all symptoms of Fibromyalgia are gone. I am no longer taking muscle relaxers everyday for my back problems. I am becoming more and more mobile. I have lost 30 pounds so far and I am feeling GREAT! – Carol M.


2 months 14 lbs and blood pressure has improved tremendously maybe enough to come off meds will have to check with the dr first – Kimberley A.


I went on Keto and was able to stop taking all 4 of my diabetic meds(including insulin). I was a diabetic for 20 years. I lost 40 lbs and within a month of starting Keto, stopped my meds and have been off of them for a year. That is my motivation to stay on Keto and I have not cheated at all. I feel better today then I have in years! I wish I had known about this sooner! Better late than never – Karen R.


I have lost 50 pounds! My energy is through the roof! It has also improved my anxiety and chronic neck pain. I feel amazing! Thank you for the wonderful recipes. – Eric M.


Have lost 26 pounds; not tired all the time; constant, daily pain is gone; but the most significant change is that I’M NOT HUNGRY ALL THE TIME!! Every single previous diet, hunger was 24/7…now, I have to remember to eat!! Couldn’t be happier – Lorri J.


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