About Us

by hungryelephant

News writer by day, self-taught cook by night. Drop by to see some of the recipes I’ve succeeded at and the big FAILS!

What can you find on The Hungry Elephant’s youtube? Recipes, recipes and more recipes. We LOVE to cook and we want to share them with YOU. From tasty treats to mouth-drooling appetizers to delicious one-course meals. We may have just started but we’ll be bringing you TWO recipes a week..

Who are ‘we’ exactly? I’m a 27 girl who loves to cook! Often, I have some friends or family who help out. Together we’re The Hungry Elephant!

So, follow along with us as we bring you the latest from our kitchen!

Suggestion? Contact me below!
Twitter: @aHungryElephant
Instagram: HungryElephant
Facebook: /ahungryelephant
Snapchat: Hungry_Elephant

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