The BEST Keto Cheese Chips Recipe!

by hungryelephant

Keto cheese chips that are a perfect replica for tortilla chips! They can be used for nachos, dipping and a heck of a lot more! This keto cheese chips recipe is my FAVOURITE!

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I used my keto cheese chips for nachos!

Ok ok I know Im way behind on this and I already have a fathead based flatbread thats fairly similar.. However! Whenever I try to make keto cheese chips, they end up being holey.. if that makes sense? I needed a crisp cheese chip that holds its shape and doesn’t boil in the oven and give it a ton of holes.

Example of ‘holey’ cheese crisps – Photo: Instagram/Whisps

But I found the perfect oven temps to have a cheese hold its shape and doesn’t have tons of holes, making it incredibly similar to a tortilla chip. I highly recommend. 

Now one thing that you will need to use is a low-moisture cheese. I used both gouda and edam slices and they worked PERFECTLY. Provolone would also work. I found that parmesan, mozzarella and cheddar are too oily/greasy. 

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I think one of the best things about this recipe is that it makes SO MANY chips. I used 10 slices of edam and 10 slices of gouda and I got like 8 servings out of it! 


Season these delicious treats with anything you want!

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