Keto Pizza Crust Recipe (No eggs, cheese)

by hungryelephant

Yes you heard it right, it’s a keto pizza crust recipe with NO EGGS OR CHEESE.

*NOTE – this recipe was originally published Dec. 29th 2018 but has been since been changed and updated as of July 13th 2019.

Maybe it’s just me, but I am kind of getting tired of fathead dough. It’s a pain (for me) to make and I’m over the taste. It was delicious at first but you know when you eat too many of one thing and then you never want to eat it again? That’s me right now with fathead. No thank you!

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So after perfecting my keto buns, I decided to tweak the recipe a bit to make it a nice pizza crust. This recipe is great because it has no eggs, no cheese and you can top it with all protein and fat heavy toppings like bacon and cheese!

Zachary shared this video with us on Facebook, showing his delight at the final product in the oven!

Now, this recipe does use whey protein, which is a milk product, but you can easily turn it vegan by using hemp protein powder or another type of protein powder. Just make sure it has no additives in it, like flavour, sugar, extra xanthan gum etc.. otherwise your recipe may turn out pretty gross. Trust me, I’ve tried.


This will most likely be the last (maybe) bread recipe for a while as I head back to Ireland next week. Lots more stuff coming your way!

**nutritional information is per slice of CRUST only.

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Keto Pizza Crust (No eggs, cheese)
Yield: 10

Keto Pizza Crust (No eggs, cheese)

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 25 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes

A new kind of keto pizza dough that takes about 5 minutes to make! The best part, it is fathead free! So no eggs, no mozzarella!