Grain Free Jalapeno Cheese Bread || Low Carb

by hungryelephant

Jalapeno and cheese is one of the most delicious combos out there – from jalapeno poppers to a spicy cheese dip – you just can’t go wrong! That’s why I decided to try my hand at a grain free jalapeno cheese bread and boy – it did NOT disappoint.

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This low carb cheese bread recipe is based off my grain free bread recipe using almond flour and arrowroot flour. To be honest, it’s one of the best grain & gluten free bread I have made! 



Now, like I mentioned in the base recipe – this is probably not for people doing strict keto. The arrowroot is higher in carbs but if it fits your macros – go for it! This bread is a based off of two recipes I spotted when I was in the testing phase. The first one is Dr. Bergs “Healthiest Bread in the World”. The second is from Jess at PaleoGrubs. I highly recommend checking both those recipes out!

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As Dr. Berg has mentioned, arrowroot is low-glycemic and can be used in moderation. I do understand if serious keto-ers do not want to make this recipe though.

This bread is so delicious that I made TWO batches – one I turned into baguettes!