Keto Beignets with Chocolate Filling

by hungryelephant

You guys – these keto beignets are absolutely AMAZING. Deep fried dough with chocolate inside. I can’t believe how they turned out!

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Yes – I KNOW that this isn’t a choux based pastry. Instead, I used fathead dough as a base because it is the only one that I have found that is good for wrapping things without falling apart, but I added some whey isolate because it gives it more of a fluffy bready texture and it deep fries really well.

One note I will mention is that when you are stuffing the dough with the chocolate chips – make sure you roll is fairly thin, but not thin enough that it tears or is see through. If it’s too thick, you will have trouble getting all the dough to cook during the deep frying process.

Definitely deep fry this on medium heat if possible. If it’s too high, only the outside of the dough will cook – and it will be basically BLACK and charred. Make sure that it’s hot enough to fry and bubble when you drop the dough into the oil. It should take around 5ish minutes for the dough ball to turn a golden brown colour.


Other than those two notes – it’s fairly simple and straight forward. I have new ideas for this dough which I’m excited to show you shortly!

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Keto Beignets with Chocolate Filling
Yield: 10

Keto Beignets with Chocolate Filling

Prep Time: 15 minutes