Keto Pesto Bread

by hungryelephant

Yup – it’s time for a new bread recipe and this time, it’s keto pesto bread! A nice, fluffy bread with garlic, basil and pine nuts! A new favourite for SURE.

This recipe is based upon my keto white bread recipe. With the addition of butter and pesto, it takes it up a notch on the delicious level!


A few things to say, because I know I will get these questions – no, you can’t replace the protein powder. You will need it. I used whey isolate however you can use casein, egg or collagen protein powder as a replacement, but you need the powder.

This also can’t be made with coconut flour – or at least I haven’t successfully tried. It’s soaks up too much water so at this time, I don’t suggest swapping out flours.

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As for the pesto – I bought mine at a local farmers market. Try to find one without added sugars. My pesto has 7 carbs per 100g, so try to find something similar (or make your own).

The recipe itself is fairly straight forward and easy. To be honest, I was worried it would turn out as a green bread but it didn’t and it smelt AMAZING.

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Enjoy! If you like this recipe, make sure to check out my garlic bread, cheese bread and my original white bread recipe!