Keto Garlic Bread (The BEST!)

by hungryelephant


This keto garlic bread is the BEST hands down… and it’s SO easy to make. You bet it’s gluten, sugar and grain free. Only 1.8 net carbs per slice!

A few notes before I dive into the recipe though. Yes, you WILL need protein for this. I used whey, but egg protein and some vegan proteins will most likely work as well.. but it IS needed.

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Now I know the amount of protein powder makes it seem like a lot, but I only use 4.5 scoops (my scoop = 30g scoop). Plus you get approximately 20 slices of bread so in the end, I find it’s worth it.

If you are allergic to almond flour, I highly recommend swapping it out for lupin flour. (Although it’s a legume, related to the peanut so if you have a peanut allergy I’d avoid)

Lupin flour is much finer but can be used 1:1 in replacement of almond flour. It’s a great alternative to almond!

I always get questions on whether you can use coconut flour and I highly recommend you do NOT. It will turn out really dry,.

In the end, you can either eat the loaf as is, or add some more garlic butter and place it under the broiler. SO YUMMY.

Garlic loaf fresh outta the oven!

Hope you enjoy this keto garlic bread! If you like these, then make sure to check out our white bread, brown bread, Hawaiian sweet rolls or hamburger buns!


Keto Garlic Bread
Yield: 20

Keto Garlic Bread

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes