Avocado Chips || Do they work?

by hungryelephant


You may have noticed this recipe floating around from ‘Delish’ – low carb avocado chips. Now sometimes recipes posted online just DON’T work for some people, including mine. So I needed to put this one to the test and try avocado chips for myself.

I won’t post the recipe here, instead I will send you to over to Delish who should get all the credit for making these amazing bites.

You can find the recipe here!


They are actually really good. I think the only thing is I would keep them in there for a bit longer to crisp up. You have to make them fairly thin otherwise they will just be floppy. Once you get a crispy one though – it’s heaven!

A great way to hide the taste of avocado if anyone dislikes it.

So all in all, yes these do work, they taste great and would have again! Oh – and salt is a MUST.


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