Keto Quiche with Fathead Crust

by hungryelephant


A keto quiche is one of the best things you can bake for meal prep! Super easy to bake and it’s filled with fat and protein!

One thing that I miss when eating keto is the lack of pie crusts when I make pies or a quiche.. So I thought, hey.. Why not make a crust with fathead dough? It’d be fairly easy!

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I did alter the fathead dough a little and eliminated the egg. I found that when I used an egg, it was too hard to handle. If you get rid of the egg, it gives holds together really well and you can roll it flat with a rolling pin without it sticking too much. 

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As for the quiche itself, you can make it anyway you want! One of my favourites is with blue cheese and mushrooms.. or spinach and ham but this time I made a basic quiche with cheddar cheese, spices and bacon!

Let me tell you it is SUPER easy and very delicious! Here’s how to make it!

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Keto Quiche with Fathead Crust