Keto Crab Dip

by hungryelephant

The best keto crab dip recipe I’ve ever made. If you don’t know how to make dip, this is probably the easiest appetizer recipe to start with.. It goes good for a regular family dinner, double date or dinner party!

Whenever I post this recipe, I always get questions like ‘but what can I dip it in?’… Well, ladies, gentleman, non-binary friends, I’ve perfected my keto (1-ingredient) tortilla chip, so these are what I would suggest for dipping. They are crispy and just the thing for dipping.

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My 1-ingredient keto tortilla chips that are perfect for dipping.

If you want to try something else, crispy bacon is also a good dipper, along with celery and carrots.

But – that’s pretty much it! This recipe is so easy! You can upgrade this dip too by adding bacon, hot peppers, sriracha.. whatever your heart desires!