Keto Tamale

by hungryelephant

I am super excited to share this keto tamale recipe!! It’s been a highly requested item for sure and I am proud to have figured out a decent alternate to masa dough.

Ok so 1st things first – this is not your standard tamale recipe. Since it’s keto, there is NO corn flour, but I still kept a part of the traditional dough – lard. You can use any sort of animal fat really, but a normal tamal uses pork fat (lard).

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Secondly – the steaming. I highly recommend to steam your tamale wrapped inside a dried corn husk. Not only does it look prettier but it’s easier to steam. Sadly, I could NOT find any dried corn husks here in Ireland so I had to use parchment paper. You will NOT be eating the corn husk, so it’s still 100% keto to use the corn husk for steaming.

Now I also didn’t include a recipe for the filling because there are so many different things you could put in there and honestly, it’s up to you! I used a Mexican spicy cheese and it was delightful!

Any pro tamale makers – I 100% apologize if mine don’t look correct.. I tried but I know they could be better! 😂😂

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