Keto Chile Relleno

by hungryelephant

Big requests coming through for some Mexican and Spanish food. Don’t you worry, I got your back. Today we’re starting with chile relleno!


Basically chile relleno is a poblano pepper stuffed with cheese. It is usually laid on a bed of rice and a spicy salsa or tomato sauce.

Well, after spending an entire day searching, I couldn’t find any poblano peppers. Initially I tested this recipe with a long sweet red pepper, but when I roasted it, it just fell apart. So instead I picked up just a regular green pepper and it worked perfectly. If you can’t find a poblano pepper, you could try an anahaim pepper.. OR if don’t like spice, use a nice green bell pepper.

Poblano Pepper

The easiest way to roast these peppers is to hold it (with a utensil), over a hob (burner) on a gas stove. Turning frequently until the outside of the pepper is crisp, burnt and you’ll see the skin bubble and pop.

If you don’t have a gas stove (like me), I turned my stove up all the way (or you can use the broiler function) and placed the peppers on a cookie sheet and put it near the top, close to the heat source. Turn frequently until the pepper is burnt and the skin is bubbling. That way it will be easy to peel.

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As for the cheese, traditionally queso fresco or queso blanco is used. However again, can&