Keto Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

by hungryelephant

Whats better than chocolate chip cookies?? Keto DOUBLE chocolate chip cookies! These are almond, sugar and grain free plus only 0.5 net carbs per cookie!

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Real talk – coconut flour is really tough to work with. I’ve made over 5 batches of coconut flour chocolate chip cookies and all they did was BURN (but tasted amazing to be honest). 

It took me countless tries – less butter.. more butter… less flour… more flour.. none of these worked until I realized I needed to cool the batter before baking as well as lower the temperature of the oven. 

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All that being said – these aren’t PERFECT. They’re flatter than I wanted and softer than a traditional cookie.. but the taste is 100% decadent and delicious which is why I decided to post these ones. 



But Im issuing a call for help: If YOU can figure out how to perfect these cookies so they are thick(er), crisp, and without burning – please let me know!!

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