Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe || Sugar Free

by hungryelephant

I finally got around to remaking my keto chocolate chip cookies recipe and boy did they turn out amazing! You cant even taste that they are gluten, grain AND sugar free!

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The last cookie recipe I posted tasted great, but the appearance was lacking. They didn’t spread and they were fairly thick. These ones spread perfectly and weren’t thick at all.

This keto cookie recipe is SO easy to make. Just pop the butter, vanilla and sugar substitute into a mixer and cream it together. Add the rest of the ingredients and BAM – cookie dough good enough to eat right off the spoon! (Though for safety reasons – it has raw egg, so I advise against it)

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The addition of whey isolate in this recipe was a game changer – adding it allowed me to remove some of the almond flour thus lowering some of the carbs and giving it a fluffy interior. 

HOWEVER – if you want to omit they whey isolate – you can! Just leave it out and use a total of two cups of almond flour instead. 



Now I baked these cookies at 350°F / 175°C for around 12 minutes and they were perfect for me – but if you want a crunchier cookie, I recommend baking at 375°F / 190°C instead. 

I really hope you like these cookies! Try out my skillet cookie too!