Keto Dessert Pizza || Egg Free

by hungryelephant

Looking for a delicious keto egg free dessert? This keto dessert pizza will hit the spot. It’s got a chocolate base, topped with a cheesecake like ‘sauce’ and some low carb nuts and fruit!

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For the dough, I altered my keto ‘pizza crust‘ recipe to make it sweet. I added chocolate and sugar substitute and it turned out perfectly. Alternatively, you could also use a fathead dough base.

For the sauce on my low carb dessert pizza, I made a cheesecake filling without the eggs so it won’t need to be baked! Just spread it onto the base and add the toppings!



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As for the toppings – you can use whatever you like – blueberries, strawberries, nuts or even more chocolate! I found a bag of mixed nuts and fruit at my local grocery store that was perfect.

Hope you like this keto dessert pizza recipe! Make sure to check out my keto skillet cookie!