Keto Lettuce Wraps (Easy & Quick)

by hungryelephant

These keto lettuce wraps are BURSTING with flavour and the best part is, it takes only 20 minutes to make and tastes like the ones you can get at Jack Astors and PF Changs!

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The meat I used for this recipe is pork but you can use any ground meat that you’d like just make sure that it has a high fat content and has no additives.

I’ve seen many lettuce wrap recipes add some hoisin sauce. If you’re low carb you can definitely add some in but I recommend if you are keto to avoid it as it is entirely soy. However even without the hoisin sauce, they taste like the wraps you’d find at a restaurant. So yummy!

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Now these are kind of spicy due to the chili flakes, so if you cant handle spice, feel free to leave them out. However if you want to kick it up a bit – add some sriracha instead!

Hope you like these keto Asian lettuce wraps! Make sure to check out my keto egg rolls/cabbage rolls or my keto potstickers!




Easy & Quick Keto Lettuce Wraps
Yield: 4

Easy & Quick Keto Lettuce Wraps

Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes

Low carb and incredibly tasty! These keto lettuce wraps take no time at all to make PLUS are only 4 whole carbs!