Make your own butter!!!

by hungryelephant


Is butter expensive? Need a cheaper option? Well try making it right in your kitchen. You don’t need to churn and you only need ONE ingredient!

The best part is that it’s SO MUCH CHEAPER. I can get a block of butter at the store for 6.99.. but I used 475ml of heavy whipping cream (which is 2 cups, priced at $2.99) and another 1/2 cup which made the same amount as a brick! The only thing you need to make this is cream – and a stand or hand mixer.

Pour your cream in a bowl, if you have a cover for your stand mixer – use it – it’s gonna get messy! Otherwise maybe wrap a towel around it.

Start your mixer off on slow, slowly turning it up every couple minutes until it reaches medium.

When your cream forms stiff peaks – aka whipped cream – turn it up to high. It may take about 10 minutes to get to stiff peaks.

Once you turn it on high, it should take about 5 or so minutes before the cream separates. You’ll notice that the colour of the cream will turn a pale yellow. You’ll hear a sloshing as the butter separates, leaving the butter – and buttermilk. You’ll also notice that buttermilk will start splattering up out of the bowl.

If you take out your mixer and you have a solid bunch of butter and some liquid.. You know its done.

You can save the buttermilk (the liquid) for later if you want, but take it out of the bowl.

You can use your hands – or a spoon – but press the butter together until all the liquid comes out. Make sure it’s all out!

Add some salt and mix together – VOILA. You’ve got butter.

I also separated mine and added some 2 chopped sundried tomatoes and some parsley. SO GOOD!

Hope you enjoy!


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Missy October 9, 2018 - 11:31 am

Are you meaning heavy whipping cream?

hungryelephant October 9, 2018 - 2:35 pm



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