Coconut Flour Coffee Cake

by hungryelephant

This coconut flour coffee cake is like a pillow of moist deliciousness! So easy to make and almond free for those who are allergic.

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For this keto coffee cake, I used instant coffee, which in my opinion – gives off a bit of a stronger coffee taste. You can use brewed coffee if you’d like – just replace it for the milk.

One of the questions I always get when I make a cake is whether you can replace the sour cream. Yes you can! Use full fat Greek yogurt instead.

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If you want to make it as a loaf instead – you should bake for around 35 minutes to ensure that the centre is done. You may have to bake for an additional few minutes depending on your oven.



This recipe is fairly straight forward and I think it will be super easy for even the beginner baker.

Hope you all enjoy!

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