Easy Keto Bread Rolls 2.0 (no almonds or eggs)

by hungryelephant


*warning! While this recipe does not contain tree nuts, lupin is a legume, related to the peanut, so beware that it may cause an allergic reaction if you have sensitivity to peanuts! Please do your research before consuming lupin flour.

It’s official! I have finally perfected a dinner roll that is NUT and EGG free. It’s been highly requested ever since I posted my original dinner roll recipe!

These rolls are great – soft, FLUFFY, and super easy to whip up and bake. They take roughly 30 minutes in total to make (and 25 minutes of that is in the oven)

THE BEST PART THOUGH: IT’S ONLY 0.5 NET CARBS PER ROLL. That’s right. 0.5 NET CARBS and only 6 total!!

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So many recipes have an abundance of almond flour, eggs or coconut and sometimes they can just taste ‘off’. No more!

These easy keto bread rolls (2.0) are great for those who have an allergy to almonds, gluten or coconut!

Before I get to the recipe, I will note that the ingredients are a must – you will need a protein powder and it cannot be substituted. As for the lupin flour – it can easily be swapped out for almond but I would highly suggest NOT swapping it out for coconut.

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One more thing – I would HIGHLY recommend following this recipe by weight, especially the liquid. I used 236ml of water which is one cup of water in the U.S, but in the UK, it’s around 250ml which may make your batter more liquidy, so keep an eye out for the water!

Enjoy! These go great with my Eggplant Lasagna, Butter Chicken or even the Spaghetti Squash Alfredo!


Easy Keto Bread Rolls 2.0 (No nuts or eggs)
Yield: 6

Easy Keto Bread Rolls 2.0 (No nuts or eggs)

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 25 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes

Easy keto bread rolls that take 5-minutes to whip up! Best part is, they are gluten, grain, nut and egg free! Only 0.5 net carbs per roll.



In a bowl, whisk together the dry ingredients.

Pour in the water and stir until it forms a thick cake-like batter.

With wet hands, form the batter into 6 balls of dough. ]

Place them onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

Bake at 375°F / 190°C for 25 minutes.


This makes 6 rolls.

Nutritional Information per roll:

  • CALS: 74
  • FAT: 1
  • CARBS: 6
  • FIBRE: 5.5
  • NET CARBS: 0.5
  • PROTEIN: 14.7

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 74Total Fat: 1gCarbohydrates: 6gFiber: 5.5gProtein: 14.7g
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