Keto Donut Holes (Fried)

by hungryelephant

A few weeks ago I made some delicious fathead & egg free keto donuts! I loved them and they are super delicious but you can’t fry them. So I figured I’d try to make keto donut holes that are FRIED.

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So a difference between these two recipes is that these donut holes have eggs. It is necessary to have eggs. I did try it without it but the batter dissolved into the oil and it was a mess. Did not work. So do NOT skip over the eggs.

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I always get questions on whether you can skip the protein powder – I will say no. It gives it that fluffy bready texture. I used whey isolate however you could also use collagen protein powder or any other keto friendly protein powder.


Secondly, you don’t have to use unflavoured – you can use any flavour you like! You’d probably still have to add a touch of flavour extract, like vanilla, banana etc. I used vanilla as well as Oooflavors Vanilla Cupcake which is AMAZING. 

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Keto Donut Holes (Fried)
Yield: 10

Keto Donut Holes (Fried)

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes

Keto donut holes made easy! No fathead dough, no cheese! Very yum and only 1.3 net carbs per donut hole!



    1. In a mixing bowl, whisk together your dry ingredients.
    2. Add in the olive oil, eggs and vanilla.
    3. Mix until you have a thick batter.
    4. Place the oil/drippings into a deep saucepan over medium/medium-low heat.
    5. Use wet hands to make a small ball of dough. The ball should be about half the size of a golf ball.
    6. Drop the dough ball into oil/drippings and fry on medium for 5-ish minutes.
    7. Let cool and continue to fry the rest of the dough.
    8. **If you find that your donut holes aren't cooked all the way through - you can throw them in the microwave for 10 second intervals until cooked however 5 minutes in the fryer should be fine)**


This makes 10 donut holes.

Nutritional Information per donut hole:

  • CALS: 101
  • FAT: 7.9
  • CARBS: 2.5
  • FIBRE: 1.2
  • NET CARBS: 1.3
  • PROTEIN: 6.3

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