The Best Keto Summer Drink Recipes

by hungryelephant

Summer is literally JUST around the corner here in the northern hemisphere. Beginning Tuesday is the best time of year – in my opinion! SO I decided to share with you all some of my favourite keto summer drink recipes.

These are truly some of the best drinks I’ve had and they are my go-to’s every summer. Plus, they are so simple, you don’t any wild appliances, just a blender and some cups.

Let’s start off with some smoothies.

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Strawberry smoothies are so simple to make, but can get a bit carb-heavy if you add too many berries. This smoothie is made with Greek yogurt, almond milk and only 8 strawberries.

Another smoothie I put on my list of favourite keto summer drinks is my cinnamon roll smoothie. This is made of cream, almond milk, cream cheese, vanilla, sugar substitute. It’s a great source of fat.

Alcoholic Drinks

I’m usually not a huge fan of alcoholic drinks. I kinda just don’t like the taste of alcohol but there are two drinks I WILL have because they are SO good.

The first – kahlua. This coffee liqueur is so tasty, especially as a white Russian. I made a delicious keto friendly kahlua last summer and honestly even the non-keto people in my house really enjoy it!

The second – a mojito. Maybe it’s cause I like mint, but there’s something refreshing about a nice mojito on a summer evening.

Delicious keto mojito

Lemon and Limeade

What’s really cool about lemon and limeade is that not only are they great by themselves, but you can add a ton of flavours to it! Tea? Delicious. Fruit? Amazing, Syrup? Tasty!

I really enjoy adding butterfly pea tea to mine to create a rich purple colour, or some dragonfruit powder! Both are so tasty and super refreshing.

Sugar free lemonade with fruit.


Perhaps I saved the best for last, but the summer I returned from Ireland, I had this mint chocolate chip frapp EVERY day. It is so delightful and delicious. Ugh I could go for one right now.

When I wasn’t drinking the mint chocolate frappe, I was drinking a coffee frappe. Honestly, I just love frapps.

My favourite keto summer drink recipes:

Keto Summer Drink Recipes

Enjoy some of my favourite keto summer drink recipes. Guaranteed to quench your thirst!

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