Must Haves for Keto

by hungryelephant


Just starting keto?? Trying to figure out what to buy when hopping on the weight loss bandwagon? Looking for some keto must haves?


You can do it! Don’t be scared! It may seem intimidating but it’s actually quite easy once you get used to this way of eating.

First things first, check out our page “How to Start” for an in depth look at beginning to transformation to a keto lifestyle.

Read it? Great! Now you’re probably wanting to go shopping. Here is a list of products I HIGHLY recommend to put on your grocery list.

Here’s also a little LPT (life pro tip): Everything you need is in a grocery store (or a health foods store eg, protein powder). You don’t have to go buy any of these special “keto” specific brands you see online.

Protein Powder

Not only is protein powder an obviously great source of protein, it is incredibly versatile. Ive used it in drinks, deep frying, baking and more! The list goes on. It may be a bit of a pricy purchase but a little goes a long way. 

When you’re looking to buy protein powder, the best kind is, ideally, one where the carbs on the label should be under 3 per scoop and has no additives. Make sure to look at the label for any hidden sugar or flavours.

Warning* While whey protein can be used by most on keto, evidence shows that it actually may raise insulin… so keep that in mind if you are diabetic or insulin resistant. 

If you want to avoid the insulin reaction, casein, hemp, collagen and some vegan protein powders are suitable for keto, just make sure to check the label for any hidden sugars, flavours etc.

BEST WHEY BRAND: Isopure Whey Isolate. Nearly 0 carbs and no additives!
BEST PROTEIN POWDER: Grass fed collagen protein powder!

TIP: Canada – you can get whey isolate & collagen at Bulk Barn!!

Mio/Water Flavour

If you’re anything like me, I HATE drinking plain water, whether it’s from a tap or a store bought bottle. That’s why I always grab a Mio or another kind of water flavour to add to my drinks. (**not sponsored)

When you’re looking to purchase any, make sure they are sugar free and contain no maltodextrin or dextrose.

BEST BRAND: Mio Electrolyte/FIT

Coconut Oil or MCT Oil

A perfect source of healthy fats. Coconut oil is also another versatile product used in keto for baking, frying, and even in coffee! MCT or medium chain triglycerides oil is made from either coconut or palm oil.

When you’re looking to purchase coconut oil, make sure it is unrefined or virgin. This makes sure that you get all the nutritional benefits of the coconut meat.

The best brands can be found in most grocery or health food stores. Don’t fall for any of the online ‘keto specific mct oil that boosts energy etc’.. You can get all you need in a grocery store.

Half Salt/Lite Salt

When you initially start keto, your electrolytes (potassium, magnesium & sodium) drop leaving you feel absolutely awful. Some complain of a fatigue, headaches and nausea for the first week.

That’s just the keto flu talkin’ and there’s ways to combat it. One of them being half salt or lite salt. It’s basically 50% salt (sodium) 50% potassium. Use it as you would normal salt to keep your levels up! 

If you find yourself feeling groggy, have a shot or two of warm water dissolved with a tsp of half salt.

Keep in mind that Half Salt does use sugar as a bulking agent, however it’s an incredibly small amount. Lite Salt does not contain sugar as a bulking agent.

Magnesium Supplements

Another sign of the keto flu, you may have some muscle cramping or irritability. That’s a sign of low magnesium levels, so a good way to make sure you avoid the cramps, is to take a supplement.

When you’re looking for a supplement, look for one that has 200-500mg of magnesium citrate.

Too expensive? Avocados and nuts, like almonds, are also a great source of magnesium.

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So these are 5 products that I would suggest when starting the keto diet. They will make your life easier and starting your journey less painful. They will help keep your muscles in prime condition when cutting carbs. Trust me, you do NOT want to wake up in the middle of the night with leg cramps. Keep your electrolytes up. 

Before I leave you here – one thing I do want to touch on. Exogenous keytones and keytone metres. 

Personally, I don’t recommend using either. You’re either in ketosis or you’re not and some measuring strips give misleading results. Just make sure you stick to under 20 net carbs a day and you can guarantee you are in ketosis. 

As for exogenous keytones.. Let your body do the work. You want this process to be as natural as it can be. The point of keto is to cleanse your body of toxins and carbs.. adding exogenous keytones, in my opinion, is just adding to the crap you need to get out. However some people say it gives them a boost of energy. It’s up to you, but I haven’t personally seen any positive effects from exogenous keytones, nor have I seen evidence they make you lose weight faster.

Hope this helps anyone looking to change their lifestyle!

December 2019

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